Step out from the crowd with Electric Turtle Design

Whether it’s branding, advertising, communications or signage. 

 Making the whole process easy for you.

It may be logos and branding, media advertising, newsletters, brochures, reports or business stationery, or signage, you are after......or perhaps promotional branding, electronic mail outs, image manipulation and photo-shopping...

... we can sort it.

Clients include individuals, small businesses, charities, communications and marketing strategists, through to large national corporate companies... 

We build relationships with everyone.



What's in a name?

For me my business name was incredibly important, it had to be memorable, and most importantly it had to mean something.  

Here's how Electric Turtle came about:
Tania 'Turtle' was a nickname my Dad and family friends had picked for me as a small child while away on a Christmas holiday. (Everyone else had a nickname too, but mine has stuck throughout my entire lifetime.)  Turtles are stereotypically known for being slow.... however, anybody who knows me realises that I'm certainly not one for staying still and am always 'on the go'.

So when establishing a business name, my husband Nick was the one that came up with the name 'Electric Turtle Design'.


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